2020 Donations Made

One of the primary purposes of modern Freemasonry is to give financial support to local and National charities and community organisations. By 1 November 2020 Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair has made the donations listed below. This was made possible only with the dedicated fundraising efforts of our members and friends to whom our heartfelt thanks is given.

Prostate Scotland £50.00 Golf Tournament Sponsorship

Roslin Village Fete £65.00 Support for Local Community Activity

Roslin Covid-19 Food Bank £300.00 Food for Local People affected by Covid-19

Children in Social Care £50.00 Sponsorship of Bro. Rab. Smith’s Treadmill Challenge fundraiser

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Pharmacy £105.00 Recognition of the dedicated staff during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Roslin Medical Practice £500.00 Funds to purchase additional Blood Pressure Monitors

Grand Lodge Lebanon Appeal £100.00 A contribution towards the relief of victims of the Beirut explosion

British Heart Foundation £100.00 In memory of Janette Clyne, wife of Brother John Clyne PM

Children with Cancer £50.00 A contribution to fundraising for Children by Bro. Steve Burnett

Poppy Scotland £79.00 A contribution to the work and services of Legion Scotland

Ward 101 Edinburgh Royal Infirmary £100.00 In memory of Bro. Peter Avent, help with the provision of family facilities

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