Hermus “Moose” Lewis, an Obituary

Brother Hermus “Moose” Lewis was an active member of Lessing Masonic Lodge 464 and many other Masonic institutions in the USA. Sadly, he recently passed to The Grand Lodge Above.

Brother Hermus “Moose” Lewis was a respected and active member of Lodge Lessing 464, Indiana, USA. Sadly, in October 2020, he passed to The Grand Lodge Above.

Moose had visited Rosslyn St. Clair in 2019 and spent an enjoyable time with some of our Brethren, at which time mementos were exchanged and links forged with our respective lodges.

On his return to the USA, Moose requested that a display of his Rosslyn souvenirs be created to hang in the Lessing Temple, for all to see and enjoy, and to demonstrate that international brotherhood on which Freemasonry is founded. Brother Hermus “Moose” Lewis will be missed by all who knew him, here and in the USA. A photograph of the display of the Rosslyn souvenirs follows here.

The obituary for Brother “Moose” issued by Lodge Lessing 464 can be found here https://legcy.co/3myVZ4b

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