Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Pharmacy Department

Getting ready to deliver cold drinks and snacks to the RIE Pharmacy to say “Thank You” for their dedicated support of the patients during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sent: Sunday, 28 Jun, 20 At 08:46
Subject: Thank you from RIE Pharmacy Department

To the Chair, the Secretary and the members of Rosslyn St Clair Masonic Lodge,

On behalf of the Pharmacy Department at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, I would like to formally thank you for the kind donation of food and drink that was delivered to the department on Wednesday 24th June. The 107 pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, support workers and administration staff greatly appreciated the special treats and the cold drinks that were very timely donated on such a warm day. 

The pharmacy department at the Royal Infirmary has helped to support the Royal Infirmary’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, both in patient-facing and medicine supply roles, during which at least 10 members of our team have contracted the virus in performing their work, with several still suffering lasting effects to this day. Despite this, our team have been successful in ensuring medicines have been supplied to an ever-changing hospital, and to patients in the community who are too vulnerable to attend hospital to collect their medicines themselves. 

In order for this campaign to be successful in coping with the numbers of patients admitted, we relied enormously on the coordinated response of society as a whole. Much like the values in which your organisation stands for, the efforts of our community in helping each other out and working together toward a common cause has seen us overcome the first wave of this virus, and prepare us for what may come in the future. This community spirit, as demonstrated by your kind donation to our staff, is something that we hope becomes the legacy from this tumultuous time. The national health service could not have coped without the support of all the people that allowed us to do our job: from school teachers to bus drivers, and people like the members of Rosslyn St Clair Masonic Lodge, who have thought of our team and made us feel valued for the part we have played with this kind donation. 

Thank you for the boost this gesture of gratitude has given to our team,

With the kindest regards and greatest respect,

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, EH16 4SA

Clint Waight

Principal Pharmacist

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